Area Director

Full Time

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About The Role

Purpose of Role:

To lead Home Managers and Senior Home Manager/s in the South Wales area to deliver the HC-One vision and mission of being the kindest care home provider and the number one care home in every locality and deliver the best health and care experience for Residents, the best working environment for colleagues and the best return for Investors.

Your role will involve:

Leadership of a group of Home Managers and Senior Home Manager/s to deliver the highest quality of care and best return for investors
Supporting and developing Home Managers to develop a high performing team that achieves excellent standards in every home.
Working with support colleagues to facilitate delivery of your SLA with them and thereby ensuring the delivery of the targets in your Area.
Developing HC-One's reputation with commissioners and external professionals to ensure the homes in your Area are the number one choice in their communities.
Working with Senior Home Manager/s to help them mentor new Home Managers and support existing Home Managers to deliver best practice
Recognising indicators of poor performance or poor quality and acting quickly to remedy

Working systematically with Home Managers and project managers to develop and deliver each Home's business plan
We are passionate about ensuring that our current and future Colleagues can be their true selves, and that our workforce represents the communities we serve. We prioritise inclusive working practices and invite applicants from all backgrounds into our HC-One family and we are committed to providing the quickest possible turnaround from the point of making you a job offer to you starting with us on day one.

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