Compliance Manager

Full Time

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MPC Resourcing Require a compliance Manager for a building services company based in Queesnlie, Glasgow.

Job Description

* Conducting interviews and surveys to ensure that employees are compliant with regulations across the company’s various departments

* Conducting investigations to discover the root cause of compliance problems when they arise

* Performing research to stay informed about environmental standards

* Educating employees and partners through documentations and brochures on how to improve compliance

* Examining and improving auditing processes to resolve compliance issues fast or prevent them entirely

* Hosting meetings with employees to address any concerns that they may have about ethical and compliance matters within a department or industry

* Motivating employees to not only strive to meet compliance standards, but also to exceed them for operating efficiency

* Leading and helping in the design of programmes that improve compliance


* Understanding of microsoft office

* Able to take instructions onboard

* Time management

* Liasing Skills