Consultant Engineer, Energetics Specialist


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Job Title

Consultant Engineer, Energetics Specialist

Job Description

A a highly experienced munitions engineer with multiple years service and detailed familiarity with

products and processes across the Munitions business.

This role is part-time; hours and flexibility to be agreed.

Reporting Hierarchy

The role is with the Central Engineering Product and Process Assurance team, reporting

directly to the Head of Product Assurance. There will be a requirement to cooperate with the process and manufacturing engineering communities at the Glascoed site, whilst supporting colleagues in the Operations and deployed Engineering functions at the other manufacturing sites.


Responsibilities include the following:

Sentencing of historic engineering records, soft and hard copy, to assess their current relevance and their worthiness for retention.
Participation in Knowledge Management activities, in particular the transfer of personal knowledge on the design and processing of energetic materials to the current permanent staff.
Supporting and advising the permanent Process Safety/Assurance staff in their activities towards approving a complete and credible Basis of Safety (BoS) for each of the manufacturing processes.

This will include, but is not limited to:

In the Process Concept, Design, Commissioning and Handover phases:

Liaising with delegated authorities to identify appropriate functional safety requirements, implementing industry standards and best practice.
Acting as advisor on Technical Requirements Specifications for facilities and equipment generated by appropriate project teams.
Reviewing the Process Flow, PFMEA and Process Control Plan (trilogy) documentation, plus other associated BoS documentation.
Reviewing that appropriate risk assessments have been conducted and recorded.
Advising on the planning for preventative maintenance.
Reviewing commissioning plans.
Reviewing the results and analysis of testing to achieve satisfactory safety, quality and process capability outcomes.In the Process Routine Operation phase:

Advising on the process assurance deliverables into the Production ReadinessReview process.

Advising the process assurance staff that the safe system of work is in place andbeing maintained.
In the Process De-Commissioning phases:
Reviewing de-commissioning plans.
Assessment of suitable storage/retention of the process capability, if required by the business.
Support and advise the delegated authorities in the business, in matters relating to process safety and munitions installation standards for projects and capital acquisitions.
Ensure that the influence of human factors is recognised both throughout the implementation of the safe system of work and in the duty to supply conforming product, using specialised HF assistance as required.
Learning and Sharing. Build, maintain and foster a strong process safety culture across the Munitions business amongst the wider stakeholder community.

Competencies, Skills and Expertise

The successful applicant will have the following:

A proven track record of producing technical engineering reports.
An ability to define and contribute to the development of process safety capability,
including the creation of safety-related engineering training material.
An ability to lead the implementation of process safety best practices, potentially as a trainer.
An understanding of safety aspects and completion of assessments for compliance against various UK and other legislation.
An understanding of the role of an assurer.
An awareness of Process Environmental and Process Security matters, plus an appreciation of the influence of manufacturing processes on Product Safety.

Ideally, have experience of:

Working with Regulators
Management in a workplace/process safety role
Exemplary IT skills.Personal Attributes:

The ability to work autonomously, and as part of a team when required.
A proactive and enthusiastic approach to work, with excellent attention to detail.
Be analytical and able to structure and present reasoned arguments.
Be methodical with good problem solving skills.
Be a strong communicator with the ability to confidently articulate technical safety
information to a variety of stakeholders at all levels.
Demonstrate an ability to make sound, informed judgements and the integrity to challenge when necessary.
A strong work ethic and a track record of success